trailer / visual test “Cloud forests”, 2.16 min.
 proposal for a documentary of 30 minutes

Through short audio narratives, six daughters take us on an imaginative journey through the memories and images they have of the histories of their families and their families’ experiences of the war in Bosnia. A war which is still influencing the lives of these girls, who are (mostly) born in The Netherlands. The moment the girls listen back to their own narrative, is the moment of filming.


Background information:
This third part of the triptych started with an encounter with Elma, one of my students at the art academy where I teach. She approached me after a short talk I gave about my work and she told me she was interested by my research.
She explained me that her parents fled from Bosnia to The Netherlands when she was very young and that her parents’ history and the conflict they went through is still present in her life.

We decided to do a series of conversations and talk about her family, the influence of the war on her life and her relationship with her parents.
These conversations with Elma have been the starting point of an audio interview series I am currently doing with girls / young women, whose parents fled the war in Bosnia and moved to The Netherlands when their daughters had just been born.
From the interviews it becomes clear that the image the girls make of the history of their parents, is a scattered and fragmented image based on historical facts, the bits and pieces their parents share with them, the daily life they experience and a lot of imagination. Especially because their parents do not always want to share their experiences and stories of the war.